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About us

We are a small business that is proudly continuing the family tradition – going back several generations – of working the lands that comprise the farm at Can Tria. 

Since 1997, our organic farming practises have been recognised with an organic certification, awarded by the CCPAE (Consell Català de la Producció Agrària Ecològica).  

We defend a self-sufficient approach to agriculture, which manages the complete cycle of crop production: we produce and germinate the seed, we nurture the seedling, we grow the vegetables and fruits, we sell directly to the consumer. We also produce some additional products such as breads, cakes, pizzas…

We defend small-scale responsible agricultural practises in the face of speculation by large-scale agribusiness that floods the market with low quality cheap products. We defend local agricultural methods employed by farmers who grew up on the same land, who grow local varieties that are produced organically and sold directly, versus intensive, industrial, environmentally aggressive agriculture that is committed to monoculture and exports.